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Up to 98% of dentists don’t use magnifying glass during common dental procedures and that’s why they overlook incipient caries. In our clinic we look at the teeth precisely by using the magnifying glass or a microscope during each procedure.

When the problem’s invisible, we can’t solve it and prevent the small from becoming bigger. Treatment on blind is passé and what we focus on is a tooth decay prevention. Magnifying glass also helps dentist to hit the target more precisely and increase the chances of successful procedure.

Modern technologies allow to plan out the examination and be more time efficient.

In practice it means the minimisation of appointments and maximisation of procedure efficiency. The procedure is planned since the very beginning. We will show you the visualization, and based on your requirements you will be offered the procedure that suits you the most.

The image of your scaned teeth is saved to the database. In case of tooth loss, we are able to create the best version of your real teeth.

During the whole treatment, the manager of our clinic is here for you to fix the dates that suit you the best. He will also create you the financial plan, so that nothing would surprise you. In case of need you can give him a call.

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